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Derrick Walker had his first acting role as (Boy) in The Drunkard together with his Mother and Stepfather at the age of 10.

After that followed parts in several childrens productions.

He studied tradtional drama and improvisation under Daniel Caldwell. Studied acting, sports and music in high school and two years at The College of Marin. After college he started playing blues music professionally.

Derrick (acted, danced and played harmonica) in the first European production of the Broadway musical Big River,

(Wrote one song) and appeared as himself in Marianne Goldman's, Freud flyttar hemifrån, Sandrew Film 1991

His most resent film appearances are...

The Hive's  music video, Go Right Ahead, produced by Team Tony - Bold Faces 2012

(The Chief) in J-Son's video Mr.Feelgood, Carnivale Pictures AB 2012

(The Cool Old Guy dancing) in Panetoz video Dansa Pausa, Blue Grass production 2012

(Melvin clarinet player) The Stig-Helmer Story,Viking Film 2012 

(Singer actor) in Robert Gustafson 3tr, Jarowskij Film 2012

(Actor) in It Happened in Sköndal, Folke Film 2012

(Passenger)  in movie Cockpit, Garage Film 2012

 (Ticket buying passenger) in Ont Blod, Filmlance 2012

Ericson web comercial How Come, House of Radon 2012

(Singing and playing Saxophone) in film Noir Despair  by Malga Kubiak 2012

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Mr.Feelgood office May/18/2012From Mr.Feelgood Big Walker & Dragomir Mrsic

From Mr. Feelgood Big Walker & J-Son From Mr. Feelgood Big Walker as Chief

West Side Story police

West Side Story parents

Stig Helmer Story

Hives video May/19/2012

noir despair

Dansa Pause video

Hives Video

Derrick as Doctor on Hellenius Horna

Amnesty filmCity of Stockholm poster

Cockpit movie