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root_walking_cd_cover Still Dream Walking cd cover
Big Walker's new CD Root Walking Big Walker's Still Dream Walking CD
Big Walker CD's

The CD Root Walking was reviewed by Bruce Iglauer of Alligator Records.
“Harp has a good fat tone, I like this old style blues with good distorted slide...
 ..."overall a lot to be proud of here.”

Derrick's last CD Still Dream Walking has had world wide air play. Songs from the
CD has won several awards including the 5000 dollar Our-Stage Grand prize for his song “One
Wish” and best blues song award for “I need my Prescription”. The CD includes his music video
from his song “Drive By Blues”.

Revues;“Here a surprise a blues CD with imaginative lyrics!” (Living Blues),
“Succeeds in evoking the mood and feel of Chicago's Golden age without trying to re-create old
sounds”(Blues Revue) “Your a real Blues Player!”(Bruce Iglauer)

Root Walking,I cannot praise this set highly enough – just buy it! Mick Rainsford   

You are welcome to vist our web-store we will be posting more products soon!

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